I invent new ways of interacting with computers by learning about people, wrestling with pixels, and playing with code.

I recently left a long stint at Apple, where I designed and prototyped new things to poke at with the Human Interface Device Prototyping team. My work included the invention and development of experiences across iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple TV, and more, as well as concepts behind Apple's Force Touch and Taptic Engine. As a little side project with a friend, I also designed and shipped an app to make Apple commuters' lives easier.

I'm now applying my practice toward education at the Khan Academy. I'm leading mobile design and implementing a design process that incorporates research, brainstorming, rapid iteration of visuals and animation, and prototyping. My goal is to experiment with ideas that encourage learning through exploration, creation, social interaction, and play.

Sometimes, I do other things.

I spin under the name DJ China Tu Madre with La Pelanga Collective out of Oakland. I have learned to dance in a wide variety of styles that looked impossible to me from the outset. (Luckily, there are always more impossible things to do.) Record digging and dance serve as incredibly powerful ways to connect across cultures. Last summer, I played at the intersection between fashion and computation by learning how to generate things to wear at Eyebeam in New York. I am part of the Cultural Incubator at Gray Area Gallery.

A long time ago, I studied Computer Science and Engineering at MIT. I did undergraduate research with Pattie Maes at the MIT Media Lab, and graduate research with Julie Dorsey at the Laboratory for Computer Science.

I'm dedicated to helping build a diverse and vibrant community of inventors who question everything and are prepared to redesign the world.

Are you an interaction designer, visual designer, or prototyper? Want to build together? Let's chat!

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